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The Codex

East Mark The East Mark Codex is a vademecum containing all the information relative to the world of the East Mark and beyond. It mixes the content by the original authors with that of fans, collaborators and friends. All of them can be considered contributors to the creation of this huge setting.

The East Mark codex will allow you to find, in a comprehensive and detailed way, characters, objects, creatures, relics, adventures, lengendary chronicles, campaign settings, house rules, etc. All this knowledge has been carefully classified, ordered and linked together by the original authors according to its importance and relevance to the setting.

The Codex is meant to be a place where everyone is invited to participate providing any content they wish and so making this world more alive and rich. A world in constant evolution.

Welcome to the East Mark!

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Nocturnal Media

Latest submissions



The Aboleth is an evil creature that inhabits the darkest depths of the sea. Its body resembles a...



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A transport vehicle with four wheels and an open roof pulled by of two or four horses (or other d...

Horse carriage


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The Mines of the Moorland Pasture

The players will travel to an abandoned mining complex to investigate and inform the Burgomeister.

The Tower of the Swamp

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Animate Dead

This spell will turn the bones or bodies of recent corpses and skeletons into living dead creatu...

Animal Growth

Speak with Animals

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