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  • AC: 5
  • ST: Warrior: level 20
  • XP Value: 600
  • Hit dice: 6
  • Morale: 7
  • Movement: 40 m
  • Alignment: Chaotic


4 tentacles + special Damage: 1d6 / 1d6 / 1d6 / 1d6


The Aboleth is an evil creature that inhabits the darkest depths of the sea. Its body resembles a huge prehistoric fish and some specimens may reach up to 10 meters of length and exceed 3,000 kilograms of weight. It is an intelligent creature that hates anything and anyone who does not belong to the aquatic world. Three times per day, it is able to induce a state similar to the Charm Person spell. Victims may make a saving throw against spells to try avoiding these effects. Its body has four long tentacles to strike enemies and, in addition to the damage caused, each successful strike will mean the prey will have to make a saving throw against poison, or suffer an agonizing infection by a type of purulent mold (called espumario by some fishermen unlucky enough to suffer it). For the next 1d4 days, the victim of the attack will begin to ooze yellow mold and will eventually transform into a viscous mass of fungus and die if not healed by a Cure Disease spell.

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