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This section contains all the spells available in the game along with those created by players.

Here you can find the last three spells added to the Codex, a random spell selected from the best available and the advanced search. Spells affect one class at least. Each page may contain all the information related to the spell or point to an external URL or document where more details can be found.

Latest submissions

SpellAnimate Dead

June 23, 2016. Canon: Canon

This spell will turn the bones or bodies of recent corpses and skeletons into living dead creatures or zombies that will obey the orders of the Cleric. The undead will follow their masters wherever they go, or could be deployed at a certain location to attack anyone who enters it. The skeletons and zombies will remain in this undead state until destroyed by force of arms or through magic. The ...

SpellAnimal Growth

June 23, 2016. Canon: Canon

A regular animal will double its size thanks to this spell, gaining 1d8 additional hit points.

SpellSpeak with Animals

June 23, 2016. Canon: Canon

Once this spell is cast, the Cleric will be able to understand and communicate with any non-magical animal that has a mind.

The Cleric will receive simple answers to the posed questions, dependent on the Intelligence of the creature and its intentions. If the animal is friendly, it may even be possible for it to perform some task for the conjurer.

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spells Geas

May 26, 2016. Canon: Canon

With this spell the caster will have the power to order the target to perform a task. As an example, find an object or a person, kill someone, steal an object, etc. For every day the target is not dedicated solely to finalize the mission, a cumulative -1 per day to any saving throw will be suffered until the completion of the task.

If the mission is entrusted against the target’s will,spell’s saving throw can be made to try to avoid it.

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