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spell Animate Dead

  • Level:3
  • Range: 20 m
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Classes: Paladin and Cleric
  • Reversible: No

This spell will turn the bones or bodies of recent corpses and skeletons into living dead creatures or zombies that will obey the orders of the Cleric. The undead will follow their masters wherever they go, or could be deployed at a certain location to attack anyone who enters it. The skeletons and zombies will remain in this undead state until destroyed by force of arms or through magic. The spell caster can animate a number of undead equal to the character level. For example, a 7th level Cleric can animate 7 skeletons (1 HD each), but may only do with 3 zombies (2 HD each). These creatures lack intelligence and do not retain any of the abilities they had in life. It is important to note, that the use of this spell by lawful Clerics would probably infuriate their deity, given that bringing creatures back to life is considered an impure act and totally impious by most religious institutions.

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