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spell Charm Person

  • Level:1
  • Range: 40 m
  • Duration: --
  • Classes: Mage and Elf
  • Reversible: No

This spell only affects intelligent or semi-intelligent humanoid creatures. The victim of the spell shall make a saving throw versus spells. If successful, the spell will not have any effect. Otherwise, the victim remains spellbound, and will believe the sorcerer to be a friend, and will try to defend him or her against any hreat.

This spell has no effect on animals, creatures of magical nature, undead or humanoid monsters bigger than an ogre. The caster must speak a language understood by the opponent. An order to commit suicide will never be followed. The spell can last for months or even years, although the victim is entitled to a spell’s saving throw every day, week or month in order to check whether it is still under the effects of the enchantment. This roll depends on the creature’s Intelligence:

INT 3-8 -> Monthly
INT 9-12 -> Weekly
INT 13-18+ -> Daily

If the caster attacks the enchanted creature in a deliberate manner, the enchantment will be broken. Likewise, the victim will defend itself if attacked by the allies of the caster.

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